Amelia Island, FL

Guess what!!! I am FINALLY posting a new blog. I know, I know I am so terrible at this. I had the pleasure of taking a girls trip with my great friend Jen who is also a photographer. You can see her page here.We went to Amelia Island. I have been told to go here for a while but just never did. Honestly I am not sure why. It isn’t even two hours from me. Anyways. Naturally when we arrived we went straight to the beach then sat down at Sandy Bottoms for some drinks and food. I absolutely loved that they had outdoor tables and chairs in the sand. You could have shade from the umbrella but keep your toes covered with sand.

I like to use my iPhone and “big girl camera” when taking pictures. The two below are with my iPhone at this particular part of the beach.

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset


We left there and decided to head to historic downtown. Little did we know that it happened to be the start of the Shrimp festival. We decided not to stay for the parade and walked through all the shops before it started so we could get out of there. The street leads to a very nice pier with lots of boats! There are lots of nice boutiques and small quaint places along the road. They even have the oldest bar in Florida. I definitely plan to go there when I make my husband take me back to this island! Ahah!






A super sweet lady told us about their nature trail, Egan’s Creek Greenway, that runs through the island and after walking through stores we headed straight for that. There was a lot of wildlife on this trail! It was amazing. I don’t remember how many rabbits we ended up seeing. It should definitely be nicknamed rabbit island though. Lots of people walk or bike this trail and they are all very friendly. I have a problem with photographing landscapes. I just prefer to have people in my photos unless they are macro. So while we were on the trail I started snapping away with Jen in the photos. =) She had her lens baby which made me decide I should do some freelensing. I ended up doing that on just about everything. I love the way freelensed images turn out.








^ Yea it is what you think! ^display12



We moved to another location on the trail to try and reach the baby gators we were told about but never made it. lol. But while we were trying to find a short cut we did come across a tortoise! We put the car in park and jumped out to get his photo.

I took the one below with my iPhone but the tortoise with my camera.

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset


He hissed and ended up running away to continue eating. We didn’t mean to make him angry.

The other part of the trail we ended up reaching was starting to glow from golden hour. This is my FAVORITE time to shoot!!!





After a little more walking we decided to leave so we could get to the beach before the sun set. We tried to head as far south as possible and ended up catching it just in time. I honestly preferred the beach here. I know the next time I go to come to this part. Surprisingly I didn’t take many photos of the actual water. I pointed my camera at Jen instead. lol.




I am very glad that I got to take this trip with my sweet friend. She is leaving Savannah very soon and heading to Wisconsin. I will be so sad to see her leave but I know that we will keep in touch. I promised to visit when it isn’t snowing. lol. We met through Instagram and the first time we got together was at Tybee Island, GA. So it was only natural that we take one last trip to another beach. To all my photographer followers out there do yourself a favor and become close with other photographers. It is so amazing to be able to sit and talk for hours about your passion with someone who does it as well.

I don’t want to get too sappy so I will just let you know that I will miss being able to see your wonderful face all the time. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!


Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with se2 preset


All the photos seen above were taken by and belong to Southern Boutique Photography. They are resized and watermarked. Please do not download them and claim them as your own. Thank you.


Finding Purpose

I don’t know where to begin this so I am just going to dive right in. For a while now I have felt that I am going no where. What am I doing? Why is my photography not going where I want it to even though I have been working at it for years. This really came about when I had to get a full time job. Over time I started to think “If my photography would just take off then I wouldn’t have to work. I could do what I love instead.” My job takes away from the time I do have to spend on my photography. It has all just become so depressing. My husband made his transition out of the Army and things are starting to come together pretty well for him. I hate to sound so selfish but I have wondered is my purpose really to just be a supportive wife? Is that all God has planned for me? There has to be more.

Not that long ago I actually said something. I had become so overwhelmed with these feelings that I knew I had to talk about it. I needed someone else’s opinion. My husband was great but I didn’t immediately feel better like I had hoped. But he said a few things that made me start to reevaluate how I felt. “The clients will come. I think there is more at work than we are seeing.” I knew he was right and I knew that I needed to let go and let God. Ever since that conversation I have seen or heard so many things talking about God’s purpose for you. Today I had a conversation with my hairstylist about it. She was the one who brought it up, not me. Then I get to work and see this video pop up on my Facebook newsfeed.

That was the final slap in the face for me. Things have been lining up and working great since my husband got out of the Army. I trusted that to God. I let myself let go of the worry about money coming in and finding jobs and all that there was to happen. Why could I not do this with my photography journey. To say I didn’t at all would be a lie. I always let him lead a little but as my dad always says “Don’t half ass it, do it right the first time.” That may not be the best quote to use for this but oh well. I completely let go of all the worry with our transition and look how things are lining up. It’s beyond time for me to let go of the reigns on my dream and enjoy the ride that is headed my way. It will not be without its downs, as seldom things in life are, but this time I will take every shot and stand tall.

I will say that I am praying things go smoothly with a few things that are in the works currently. If all works out then I will have a fixer upper space for a studio. =) Maybe this is the first piece of the puzzle for me? Whether it is or not I know that I will be ok and things will work out in the end.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5


My morning

I have to be the worst blogger. I always mean to post a blog with all of my photos but never sit down and actually do it. I was so wonderfully busy during the fall and I never bragged about the amazing families I met and photographed. Now that so much time has passed I feel that I should choose my favorites from each and make one massive post. I will do that. I will!

Until then I am posting from my personal albums. My life has changed so much in the last few months. My husband is no longer in the Army and I now have a job. I feel that I don’t have time for anything anymore. One thing we always do is wake up and spend forever in bed before I have to get ready. The animals know the moment we wake up regardless of how quiet we are. The dogs jump up, tails wagging, and start licking us to death. The cats sometimes alert us that their food bowls are empty but come back to crawl on our shoulder. Scout never gets into bed much anymore since the dogs are always there. She hates them.

One day Ruger discovered the reflection coming off Matt’s phone while he was checking his Facebook. Now we like to get him to chase it along the wall. The cats join in on the fun as well.

I cherish these mornings. I love getting to curl up on my husbands side and just lay there as the seconds tick by. Small moments are important to me. Sadly I think that these wonderful mornings are drawing to an end as my husband starts his new job. This made this morning all the more important to capture. I want to remember them forever.

Luckily there are many hours in a day and I will always find time for my husband and our “children”. It may be at midnight when I get home from work but time doesn’t matter when you are with those you love.











Free Session Giveaway!!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged anything. I apologize greatly for that. I will eventually blog all of the wonderful sessions I have taken the last few months. But before I start on that I want to share with you my newest project. There is nothing I love more than giving. I love to warm others hearts and bring joy in ways that they were not expecting.

I am going to do a giveaway!

Here are the rules:

-I am looking for someone who has NEVER had a photoshoot outside of studio photos.

-You can not enter yourself.

-I am looking for someone who puts others before themselves.

-Tell me why you think that they deserve this session. Give examples of their selflessness and kind acts toward others. Tell me how they go above and beyond.

-The deadline to enter is December 22nd.

-I will announce the winner on my Facebook page and blog.

To enter someone you can leave a comment here, on my Facebook or send me an email.

I can’t wait to read all the submissions! =)

Now because I can not post a blog without some kind of photo I will show you a recent photo of my husband and I. =) I set up the tripod to capture some Christmas card photos for us. It is ridiculous how many I take before I can get one that turns out well. lol. One day I will hire a photographer so I do not have to worry about the stress of taking them myself.


Do you see the dog photobombing us? Good times!

Midway, GA Couples Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable couple a little while ago. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and blog their session until now unfortunately. These are some of my favorite pictures I have had in a while. The sun was so perfect that day. Here in coastal Georgia we have had soooo much rain. It ruins many sessions and we have to keep rescheduling or deal with cloudy skies. I started my photography journey in Central Texas where there is full sun almost everyday! So to say that I miss that warm glow in my photos would be an understatement.

Cynthia is also a photographer and she came with many ideas that they wanted to accomplish. This is always fun for me. I love to see the creative ideas that others have and be able to deliver those images for them.

I loved so many from this session and I did my best to not blow up my Facebook so that I would have images to post on this blog. =) I had so much fun shooting these two and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future!


















Are they not wonderful? This was an amazing session! Thank you Cynthia and Martynas for letting me freeze this moment in time for you!

Bridal collaboration

Hello blogging world. I have soooo much to catch up on but I haven’t wanted to sit in front of my computer long enough to get it done. I will catch up on all that eventually until then I have to share with you the amazing time I had yesterday.

If you do not know this already I created a group on Facebook for Savannah area photographers (any skill level). We get together from time to time to do photo walks or any other creative ideas we desire. Several weeks ago Christina Hartman posted some photos of an idea she wanted to do. Several of us said how fun it would be and off we went to setting it up.

As the date we selected drew closer we decided to try and collaborate with other local artists for some items. We got hair and makeup and even had  a cake made. Justina from J Ford Creations was amazing. The makeup she did on the girls was so perfect. She set up her kit in my kitchen and I watched as each girls features were highlighted under her hand. While she did that we had Kaci Sharp working on hair. She did exactly what we asked and all the hairstyles looked amazing! You can pay her a visit at Bella Salon and Spa of Pooler.

Katie from Kaybee’s Cake and Treats made a delicious tasting cake for us. I had her only make part of it real. There was no point in us trying to lug around a heavy cake just for pictures. I am sure it would have all been eaten though. She does all kinds of cakes. I have had others from her and they were all amazing! We borrowed dresses from several different people. Carla’s Colonial Bridal, The Gown Closet, Studio 525, and a lovely lady named Coral. =)

The day started out amazing with bright sun shining. I had such high hopes. But then…. the rain came. This was not your average rain it was a torrential downpour. We went along with hair and makeup through it all praying that it would clear up for us. Around 5, the time we were suppose to start, we decided it wasn’t raining bad enough to keep us away. By the time we got the girls to come out it had mostly stopped. Thank goodness it only drizzled on them and didn’t ruin everything within 5 minutes.

I didn’t get the gorgeous sun flares and glowing light that I know my yard produces so well but I am actually really happy with the results.  We moved all around and the models did wonderful! Megan, Kristen, Kelly, and Tiffany were spectacular. See for yourself…B1

displau10 display13display5DISPLAY7display4display14display15display16display17display18display3display19display20display11display9display8display12

It is driving me absolutely crazy that these are not showing as sharp as they are on my computer. I have to write this just to make myself feel better. =) Now you know they are they focused images. I promise.

I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this! Thank you Jen Wall for buying so much. Thank you Christina Hartman for bringing items for us to use. Thank you J Ford Creations for your wonderful makeup skills. Thank you Kaybee’s Cakes for the delectable and beautiful cake. Thank you Kaci Sharp for coming out and styling everyone’s hair. Thank you Vintage Connection for renting out your tea cart. Thank you to Carla’s Colonial BridalThe Gown ClosetStudio 525, and Coral for letting us borrow your amazing dresses! And last but not least thank you Megan, Kristen, Kelly, and Tiffany for allowing us to point multiple cameras in your face. This came together so well and I hope to work with you all again in the very near future.

Thank you!

Cay Creek Wetlands

My Saturday was a lazy, happy day. We lounged on the couch most of the day and waited for the Manchester United game to come on. Once that was over we decided to take the pups for a walk at Cay Creek. It is a nice place for a short walk. I wish the the boardwalk was much longer. If you love nature then this is definitely a nice place for you to explore.


We had to convince Ruger to walk up the stairs. He was not having it!





Making memories at “The Huddle”

I have a confession to make. I have not been taking a photo everyday. Shocker. lol. I feel like a broken record but I will say it again, it is very difficult when you live in the country and have no children. =) Anyways the point of my everyday photo taking is to improve my personal work. I am happy with what I do for others but I would love to have more lifestyle images for myself. Luckily I tagged along with the BFF and hung out with the God-kids all day yesterday and I was able to capture some images that I am actually happy with. =)

We were gone all day looking for outfits for family pictures which we are doing on Driftwood Beach (insert super happy face). After shopping and lunch we came back to my house and waited on my husband to get off work. He played hide and seek with the older ones and I decided after a little while this is probably a perfect opportunity for me to take some photos. So the rest of us joined them outside and I turned on the water hose for the pups to drink from. The little man had lots of fun with it as well.



The girls ran around us playing hide and go seek stopping now and then to cool off in the water.


This is a look of defeat. Mom helped the youngest sister run away without getting tagged. lol


After playing for a little while we went to have dinner at The Huddle House. Here in the small town of Midway there isn’t much to choose from. The people at “The Huddle” know us very well. I snapped away while everyone played and talked trying to capture the small moments.



I tried a little freelensing with the image below but decided I definitely needed my other lens for that.


Everywhere we go little man always gets on the table. We kind of started that when he was teeny tiny and now he likes to act as Godzilla and stomp around taking everyones stuff. lol


Kay has had a loose tooth for a little while and she likes to keep talking about when it is going to fall out. My husband being the man he is decides to tell her that the tooth fairy is going to bring ten dollars if we get it out tonight. We kept telling her to pull on it and twist it and push it. Finally she agrees to let “Uncle Matt” pull it out. He loosened it a whooooolle lot on the first try and it took her a while to let him try again.



He finally got it while we were outside and she couldn’t be any happier! Look at that smile!




All in all I am pretty happy with the pictures I got yesterday. Today will be a lot of fun. I am doing a photoshoot with the oldest.

Weekend photos and a dog walk!


Saturday was a semi productive day. We went to a yard sale that turned out to be a huge flop! Afterwards my husband decided to take me to a movie. The day ended with a cuddly night on the couch. He always rests his head in my lap. I don’t know why but I absolutely love it. This is our happy place. P.S. This is an iPhone photo.

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset


We have come to the conclusion that the pups don’t get enough exercise so we are going to start walking them more often. I decided to grab my camera and take some photos of our small journey. My husband was such a good sport in stopping when I asked him to and posing with the dogs. I free lensed several of the photos below. I have decided that I should probably get a Lensbaby since I love this look so much. Some photos I decided looked amazing in both color and black and white so I uploaded both.











This week has not been easy for my photo a day project. I have tried and tried to take pictures of my everyday but nothing has yet to move me. I don’t have a picture for some days.  I didn’t really have anything to take a picture of. Hopefully with time this will become easier for me. I refuse to give up!!


I grabbed my camera and the dogs and headed outside. Ruger is the only one who will sit still long enough for me to get decent pictures. I wish Stella would so I would have some pictures of her as a pup. Anytime I try to get on their level to take a photo they come running to me so I gave up and made him sit instead.



Jacylann and I went to Jekyll Island. It called for rain but turned out to be nice most of the day. There weren’t many people there. Jekyll is so far less crowded than Tybee and it’s wonderful. I did a little freelensing here since it wasn’t windy. One day I will master freelensing. Until then I will continue to fall in love with the mistakes. =)



Today I went to the grocery store and immediately spotted Sunflowers on clearance. This is my favorite flower! The petals were falling off and you can tell they don’t have long but I had to have them anyways. Once I got them in the vase I started to pick up the petals but then realized how pretty it looked. I grabbed the camera and tried several different angles both freelensing and not and then finally decided on one.


I took a second photo for today. I thought it would be cute to wait for my husband to come home and capture how excited the pups get to see him. I didn’t capture what I had envisioned but I guess I am still happy with this. I have decided that I need a wide angle lens to make up for my crop sensor camera. Maybe one of these days.


Next week is a busy week for me. Maybe all the plans I have going on will lead to more interesting photos!

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